Optimization of the Activity of an Enterprise Regarding the Choice of an Effective Way of an Introduction of Innovations by a Building of Multicriterial Task

  • Iuliia Grudzevych Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
Keywords: intraprenership, exoprenership, multicriterial optimization task, numeric criteria, weighable coefficients, analysis of hierarchies


Three alternative ways of innovation are identified in the article by constructing a structural and logic scheme: intraprenership, exoprenership, purchasing of innovations. The problem of a selecting of an effective way of the proposed alternatives is detected. Numeric criteria values that must be considered when making a decision are chosen. The method of analytic hierarchy process of Saaty is chosen for solving the multicriterial optimization problem, the scale of a relative importance of elements is built, as well as, a pairwise comparison and systematization of each level of the hierarchy. The analysis of all acceptable solutions is carried out, and a normalized matrix is built by a linear convolution of the criteria. As a result of calculations, the formula for the numerical comparison of alternatives with regard to the selected criteria is deduced.


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