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Mission of the collection

In the modern world there are economic transformations that require a theoretical understanding and necessitate the preparation of highly professional, creative experts who know the fundamental foundations of the national economy functioning as well as understand the tendencies of the general civilization process and are able to analyze and compare economic processes, make the right conclusions and act in accordance with the new conditions.

Ensuring a stable acceleration of socio-economic development of the country is a major task for all governments and nations of the world. It is precisely the indicator that reflects the close link between the level of economic development and the solution of socio-economic problems of the country. Scientists are not afraid of processes that occur in society, economy, politics and cover their vision of these phenomena. Important processes of the present include rapid intellectualization of society; polemics concerning the degree, the plane and directions of development of powerful business structures of small and medium enterprises; the full supply of the population with high-quality and safe commodities; the intensification of goods and services export, the formation of a mechanism for managing innovation activities and the use of organizational management structures, etc.

This leads to the search for new trends in scientific analysis, scientific predictions and practical recommendations. The carried out studies should be applied and contribute to the resolution of urgent national, branch and regional issues.

Collection of scientific papers Economic Journal of the Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University is a publication that covers a wide range of research in the field of economics and management. The publication contains articles covering the history of economic thought and economic theory, economics and management of the national economy and enterprises, regional economics, money, banking and finance, accounting.